Understand Shopper Sentiment
Before They Leave the Store.

Demo the industry's most powerful on-premise CX decision platform.

Tools to create better customer experiences NOW and tomorrow.

Retailers of all sizes worldwide trust FeedbackNow to provide live sentiment data with a custom AI interface. 

Providing Support and Solutions for Any Customer Interaction


Self-Service Areas


How We Work

Radical Real-Time Info

FeedbackNow’s live heatmaps and alerts inform you when and where issues are arising. 70 Million customers per year are using our touchpoints, which receive a response rate of 40%.

Bold Action when it counts

Enable your staff to react before the tipping point. Our predictive data shows you exactly when customer sentiment drop off is likely, so you can make adjustments before greens turn to red. We pull in variables such as weather, traffic, inventory, and other custom factors as part of our industry-leading system.

Create Better Customer Experiences Now

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