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alerts received by staff members daily


sentiments collected per month

Improving Healthcare CX:
9 Steps


Although healthcare firms exist to facilitate or deliver lifesaving services, the industry has been slow to improve customer experience (CX). 

Forrester interviewed and researched multiple top firms from the 2021 US Health Insurers Customer Experience Index to understand what best practices help healthcare companies the most. See above to read the full report. 


FeedbackNow collects:


sentiments collected per month


alerts received by staff members daily

Providing support and solutions for any guest interaction.

Patient Room
Waiting Room

How We Work

We start by deploying a demo to a concentrated region of your business, and processing the results.

Then, we work together to further develop the scaled use-cases that will help you to thrive.

Together, we gather data and iterate based on results and new factors.

Radical Real-Time Info

FeedbackNow’s live heatmaps and alerts inform you when and where issues are arising.

70 Million people per year are using our touchpoints, which receive a response rate of 40%.

Bold Action when it counts

Enable your staff to react before the tipping point. Our predictive data shows you exactly when sentiment drop-off is likely, so you can make adjustments before greens turn to red.

We pull in variables such as weather, traffic, inventory, and other custom factors as part of our industry-leading system.

Receive the highest possible
Medicare Care Compare score

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