Forrester Blog: Leverage the customer
feedback that’s hiding in plain sight

FeedbackNow helps you capture customer insights that surveys cannot.

Could you be doing more to boost your CX scores for better business outcomes? Forrester Research, one of the most influential research and advisory firms in the world, and the parent company of FeedbackNow, doesn’t mess around when it comes to Customer experience (CX). Forrester understands that as an important pillar within successful business models, […]

Do Staffing Limitations Have Your
Customer Experience Goals on the Backburner?

FeedbackNow’s team of experts are here to help. Whether it’s the great resignation, quiet-quitting, or any other term that pops up for a lack of resources these days, it can’t be denied that businesses are struggling with resource constraints. Companies are expecting employees to do more with less and still meet or exceed their goals. […]