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Better Passenger Experience

Transform passenger experiences and optimize airport operations in real time.

Measuring each touchpoint, understanding how they affect one another, and making changes to improve in real time are vital for the success of your airport.

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Key Focus Areas for Positive Passenger Experiences

When evaluating passenger experience, look at these areas to better understand the where to focus improvements to ensure a positive traveler experience.

Service Excellence

  • Airport Cleanliness
  • Friendly and knowledgeable airport staff
  • Efficient baggage handling and staff assistance
  • Seamless public transportation integration

Passenger Convenience & Flow

  • Efficient check-in and security processes
  • Smooth immigration and customs procedures
  • Effective wayfinding systems

Passenger Comfort & Amenities

  • Quality retail and dining options
  • Comfortable lounges and amenities
  • Accessible facilities for all passengers
  • Reliable Wi-Fi connectivity

Reliable Real-Time Data

FeedbackNow’s live heatmaps and alerts inform you when and where issues are arising. 100 Million+ customers per year are using our touchpoints, which receive a response rate of 40%.

Know Exactly When to Act

Enable your staff to react before the tipping point. Our predictive data shows you exactly when customer sentiment drop off is likely, so you can make adjustments before greens turn to red. We pull in variables such as weather, traffic, inventory, and other custom factors as part of our industry-leading system.

How to Make the Switch to Real-Time Feedback Operations

Start Slow and Build

Implementing a new solution can be challenging. Start by getting things up and running so you have a baseline of data to work with.

Begin to identify trends and understand the flow of your organization.

Ramp it Up

Identify what actions you could take in real time to make an impact based on the trends identified.

Implement your real-time response and see the impact on your business. Add additional alerts and continue to scale your response.

Test and Iterate

Once you have a good real-time response plan in place, try expanding touchpoints, changing the question asked, acting faster, or taking different actions and see how these items impact your KPIs.

Evaluate effects, iterate, and expand again!

Get Your Customized Solution

Every Airport has unique needs. Work with our experts for a customized solution to solve your specific challenges.

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