ACI: Airports and Feedback featuring Steve Peltzman


In honor of the ACI (Airports Council International) expo this week, check out this blog about FeedbackNow at Airports from ACI World. Written by ACI World Vice President Dimitri Coll, FeedbackNow’s Steve Peltzman is featured as a contributing author. The blog speaks to the impact real-time feedback can have on Airport Service Quality (ASQ) scores. Here is a brief excerpt:

Together, ASQ and FeedbackNow form a powerful combination to help airports deliver optimal passenger experiences. While ASQ solutions dive deep into data to deliver key insights about passenger experience, FeedbackNow can serve as an advanced indicator of ASQ satisfaction scores by showing where problems could arise during each day.

Trends can emerge, such as security screening issues in early afternoons, restroom problems on Tuesdays, or restaurant problems when flight delays build up. Addressing these tactical issues reactively, or even predictively, using FeedbackNow can have a long-term impact on overall ASQ satisfaction scores.”

Read more about how FeedbackNow is helping airports worldwide here.

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